Are Hot Tubs Difficult to Maintain?

Are Hot Tubs Difficult to Maintain?

A hot tub is a perfect solution for those that want to be able to retreat to a spa-like atmosphere, whenever they feel, in the comfort of their own home. However, this dream can appear tedious when people often question what on-going maintenance will be required. If you continue reading, you will find that there are only a few simple steps required to keep your hot tub clean and in the best possible condition.

Filter Cleaning

Filters need to be cleaned regularly in order to keep your hot tub functioning properly. Clean filters promote a long lifespan, while also keeping your hot tub hygienic and perfectly clean. The recommended time between rinsing and cleaning your filter is every 3 – 6 weeks, depending on your model.

In order to clean your filter, it must be removed, rinsed with fresh water, and soaked in a specific filter cleaning solution. Allow it to completely dry, then replace back into your hot tub. If you are concerned about downtime between cleans, you can purchase a second filter to swap out while the first one is receiving maintenance.

Change the Water

There are many hot tubs that actually come with self-cleaning technology. This technology will remove impurities, purify, and continuously filter out your hot tub water. However, even this sort of filter needs to be changed occasionally. It is also recommended you drain and replace the water in your hot tub every 1 – 4 months, depending on how much water is consumed by your hot tub. You should also change your hot tub water if conditions turn foamy or milky. This could indicate water inbalance from heavy usage and in need of a clean.

Shell Cleaning

During your routine water replacement, you should also take this time to clean the shell of your hot tub. In order to keep your hot tub sparkling clean, you will want to regularly clean the interior to remove any oil or debris build-up. Typically, all you need to clean the interior of your hot tub is a soft damp cloth. However, if you are struggling to remove stubborn stains, consult with your hot tub dealer. They will be able to recommend a cleaning product that will be perfect for your hot tub and removing soap residue.

Keep Covered

When it comes to covering your hot tub, it is a small and simple act with a big return on your investment. It is probably one of the easiest ways to ensure you always have a clean hot tub. When you cover your hot tub with a good quality cover, you will be keeping out leaves and debris, while also trapping the heat consumed. Ultimately keeping your hot tub safe and energy bills low.

Just like your hot tub, if you want to keep it in good condition, it will require regular cleanings. This means that every couple of months you should remove the cover and rinse it to remove trapped dirt. You should also wipe the top of your cover with a mild dish detergent or suggested cover cleaner. This will keep your cover in great condition, always looking new.

Routine cleanings are not as difficult with some hot tubs that offer self-cleaning capabilities. Their pressurized microfilters can clean an entire hot tub in as little as 15 minutes.The floor of your hot tub can be vacuumed, as well as skim the surface of the water. After reading all the tasks, it may feel like a lot goes into maintaining a hot tub, but these tasks can take as little as 30 minutes to one hour per month. It is a small amount of time investment to just regularly maintain your hot tub. However, good maintenance can help increase the lifespan of your hot tub, ultimately extending the amount of relaxation and enjoyment you have with your soaks!

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