Scott Bland


Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta I grew up with a love for the great outdoors and all the wonders that Canadian nature has to offer. From early days as a boy scout to spending long summers hiking, fishing and battling enormous mosquitos at the family camp, it is safe to say that until I reached adulthood, I probably spent the majority of my free time roaming around outside.

After completing a Business Administration Degree at the University of Calgary, I decided to spread my wings and move to Ottawa, Ontario. Here, I started working as a stock boy at the sporting goods store, Tommy and Lefebvre Inc. and 18 years later I’m still here, although it is now called Sporting Life and I’m now a Head Sales Manager. For an outdoor enthusiast, being able to work surrounded by the latest and coolest recreation and sporting equipment is a dream. I also am a freelance writer, sharing my opinion and knowledge on the latest recreation and leisure products that I’m passionate about.

To this day, I spend every moment possible of my free time outside. Whether I’m camping, cross-country skiing or relaxing in my backyard hot tub, if I’m under the sky breathing in the crisp, fresh air, I’m a happy man.

‘Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.’ Anthony J D’Angelo

Why Hot Tubs?

I’m a little obsessed with hot tubs. In my early twenties, I picked up a side gig working on the showroom floor of a local hot tub dealer. One of the perks was being able to try ‘wet tests’ on different featured models. Before this, I don’t think I had ever even given hot tubs so much of a thought other than perhaps regarding them as a frivolous luxury.

Boy, was I wrong. As an active person that frequently experienced sports-related muscle soreness and injuries, I was blown away with just how therapeutic the massage capabilities actually were and began learning about the benefits of hydrotherapy. After I became a first-time homeowner, my first major investment was buying a hot tub for my backyard. 10 years later when I sold my house, I was happy to upgrade not only my living standards but my hot tub as well. Today, I consider myself a leading freelance hot tub geek/expert.

For someone that loves being outside as much as possible, it is my humble opinion that owning a hot tub is the best chance you have for enjoying more fresh air during our well known nasty Canadian winters. A snowstorm or a cold snap instantly becomes better with a warm drink in hand, relaxing in a hot tub under a starry sky.

I’ve written a number of freelance articles about hot tubs on a whole wide range of subjects which have been published on quite a few excellent blogs over the years. If you happened to find me here and have a question about hot tubs that you haven’t found the answer to in one of my articles, send me a message and I will get back to you. You never know, it could just turn into the subject for my next article!

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