What Are the Ongoing Costs of Owning A Hot Tub?

What Are the Ongoing Costs of Owning A Hot Tub?

One of the first questions new hot tub owners have is what the ongoing costs are. The answer depends on a few factors, such as the make and model, the water care system, and how often the hot tub is used. Knowing what the ongoing costs are can help you make a decision on which make, and model would give you the best value for money.

How Much Does It Cost to Run A Hot Tub?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, but the answer depends on the season, the climate, the size of the tub, and how often it’s used. As well as that, electric charges vary all over the country and can change.  On average, an energy efficient hot tub will cost less than $1 per day in energy to run.

What Makes A Hot Tub Energy Efficient?

Some hot tubs have energy-efficient features that can reduce the monthly operating costs.

These can include:

  • Hot Tub Cabinet with Full Insulation- the energy used will depend on how well insulated the tub is.
  • Dedicated Circulation Pump – This pump circulates water constantly, but without it, the tub needs larger, more energy using jet pumps to circulate water.
  • Foam Spa Cover that is Fully Fitted– One with extra insulation at common heat escapes would reduce costs.
  •  LED Lights – An LED lighting system will also help save energy and money.

Where you live and the local climate will also impact on the energy costs. If your climate has harsh winters, then an energy efficient tub will help reduce costs, and you can still use it even in the cold.

Should the Temperature Be Turned Down When the Hot Tub Isn’t in Use?

If you aren’t going to use the tub for a long period, then the temperature should be turned down. If you use the tub every day, then it shouldn’t be turned down. It will take more energy to bring the water back up to the proper temperature when you are using it.

Energy efficient hot tubs are usually more efficient when kept up to temperature. Some tubs are compatible with monitoring systems that allow you to keep the temperature even if you’re away or aren’t going to use the tub for a while.

How Much Do Hot Tub Chemicals Cost Per Month?

There is a wide range of water care options at varying price points. The most common are chlorine or bromine systems which will also require a chemical clarifier to eliminate water scum. You can also install a saltwater system for your hot tub, but this will be slightly more expensive. Typically, your water cleaning chemicals will cost less than $20 per month.

How Often Will You Use the Hot Tub?

A lot of the monthly costs depends on how often you use the hot tub. The more often you use it, then the more energy it uses, and the more will need to be spent on water care. However, the more you use it, the more value you’ll get from it. This is why it’s always a good idea to look for a home spa that has energy efficient features and a water care system. These features are designed to reduce operating costs and give you the best value for money.

Have any more questions about the costs of owing a hot tub? Shoot me an email and ask away.

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